seedlings of change

Cello Joe, Hip-Hop Rap album ‘Get Loopy‘, song ‘Seedlings of Change‘:

Seedlings of Change’ – the song composed from and performed by Cello Joe: 
The musician Cello Joe (aka Joey Chang) 
turns out to me (the author of this web article) as a hangout-talent with subversive smart-humor hard to define – however, on high-level of intellectual complex intelligence: 
Cello Joe with his song ‘Seedlings of Change’ is more TRUE than those who sing “Love”, “Unity”, “Namasté” all the whiles. – Take your time to listen to his art of sound, harmonies and words care-fully & and don’t forget to: smile (!).

The web-author of this JOURNAL likes and appreciates artists like Cello Joe – who is using means of music like overtone larynx singing, beatboxing and other effects while playing his Cello in acting-out his energies to stay faithful to his-own-self while at the same time knowing himself living culture-interwoven, mind-influenced and concsiousness-intermingled in a probably urban-educated behave-positive doing-around-society conditioned in a happiness-frequency of love all-time-ready for the global-coherence, the invisible clandestine conjunction in synchronization of will and thoughts, as the nexus for survival during severe crises and natural disasters as a swarm of – soon – eight billion human beings on our planet Earth. – 

What is bad in all that consciousness-culture – prepared, given and handed over to us (all) in the 21st Century? – 
Nothing, alone as soon as you see through and comprehend what is on the spiritual run and going on by the ruling secretive shadow mind-matrix, then you tend to strip this – your mother’s and your society’s heritage – off like (Saint) Francis of Assisi in the 12th Century stripped off his rich father’s silk, brocade, possessions and money to find the way forward during his life-time in his era to the simple level ….. 
Besides, live drug-free! – An extra portion of happiness or/and an excessive portion of love and sex – avoiding to say ‘love means sex’ in the culture of secretive manipulation – or/and an intensified portion of feeling is NOT needed; rather basically different:
the universe, the milky way, the sun, our planet Earth, its water, its air, its living plants, its living animals, our all living continous breath and berathing is reason enough to be happy. – 
And, think an extra “thank you” for all comfort-living in survival and in thrive!

Cello Joe’s cultural art is the very ‘misfit’s art’ planting individual ‘seedlings of change’ – the grassroots-movements’ spermatozoa of the mind – which our gifted cultural educationists need as a starter (as a distilled mind-apéritif, as an high percentage brainstorm-appetizer) to regain the ability to think ‘outside their box’ for to rethink of ‘how to create’ society / societies and ‘the world’ … – once in a while completely in our time now and continually for the future ….. –
Cello Joe with his art is a unique and healthy ‘one of a kind’ in the first quater of the 21st Century and to be named in the line with Pete Seeger (with his song ‘Little Boxes’ a.o. songs), Amiri Baraka (with ‘Who will survive America?’), and also in the line with artists like The Austria 3 – with Georg Danzer, Wolfgang Ambros, and Rainhard Fendrich (with ‘Tango Korrupti’ and with many other of his songs), and Willi Resetarits as ‘Dr. Kurt Ostbahn’, whom the Austrian law reduced to the stage name ‘Kurt Ostbahn’ and ‘Ostbahn-Kurti’, and in the line with many other musicians as singer-song-writers: Don’t calm him down. –
Cello Joe, Hip-Hop Rap album ‘Get Loopy‘, song ‘Seedlings of Change‘:

jona(h) li, – on 30. April 2021

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